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With the increase of the incidents of H1N1 and the flu in general it’s extremely important to make sure that you protect yourself from bacteria and all the germs out there.  I try to regularly clean my hands after being in heavily trafficked public places and to make as little contact as possible.  While its more obvious to protect yourself in these sitations ways many overlook it when  practicing yoga.

Keeping your yoga mat clean is an absolute necessity.  Upon regular use yoga mats become breeding grounds for fungi, bacteria, mildew and even mold.   Since you’re regularly putting your face close to these germs you’re seriously putting yourself at risk of getting sick.  The New York Times has even reported that dermatologists and podiatrists have seen an increase in skin infections in their patients who practice yoga.   Clearly neither you or I practice yoga to put ourselves at health risk which is why using yoga mat wipes is second nature to me now.

In order to keep the mat as clean as possible I always clean my hands, feet and mat (in that order) both before AND after a workout.  I know that if I can keep everything as clean as possible before I start to sweat and collect dirt then I’ll have less to clean off later on.

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I’ve tried a number of different products but the best by far are the Jo-Sha yoga mat wipes.  Since I like to clean my hands and feet in addition to my mat it’s extremely important that the wipes don’t irritate my skin with any harsh chemicals.

Jo-Sha Wipes are the best because they have:

Best Yoga Mat Wipes

  • No harsh chemicals
  • No alcohol
  • No bleach
  • Are Natually Anti-Bacterial
  • Are A Natural Antiseptic
  • Come in amazing essential oil scents including: Lavender, Peppermint, Tangerine, Tea-Tree and Eucalyptus.
  • Dry quickly and evaporate completely
  • Leave yoga mat with the critical sticky surface
  • Are Biodegradable

I’ve actually ended up using these wipes for much more than just cleaning my hands, mat and feet.  If it’s a hot day out I will regularly use a wipe to freshen up, clean my hands on the go and sometimes even clean my car!  If you have a locker at a gym I would recommend picking up the bulk 50 pack and leaving it there since you have the space and will be using them frequently.  Otherwise, they have these amazing individually wrapped wipes in a resealable pouch which comes in handy when you barely use one and save it for later.

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Yoga offers the mind, body and soul rejuvenation, clarity and focus. Through the various poses and focusing on your yoga breathing it is truly an amazing experience. I hope that you found this article helpful and that it will enhance your experience in the future.

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